This week Bernie looks at the work of CALL Scotland, the Scottish Centre for Execllence for learnrs with additional support needs.

CALL Scotland is an organisation that helps children and young people with disabilities, assisting them with their education to find a right way of learning, which suits their needs best so that they can reach their full potential.  CALL Scotland's aim is to provide information and support to those who need it, this can be through a general enquiry or the individual can get referred to them for an assessment which allows the organisation to find out more about the individual's needs. They have a wide range of work that they do within the organisation which includes information, professional learning and support.

CALL Scotland has different types of equipment, to assist people with additional needs. Offering loans of their equipment, to let children and young people try the products out before they decide which is going to make a difference to the way that they learn. Some types of equipment include - communication aids, digital exam papers, and a wide range of equipment that can assist in schools. All helping people in education, the organisation offers accessible technology in order to allow people to access a computer more easily using equipment such as switches, trackballs and large keyboards. CALL Scotland also has a range of software that can assist the way that people learn.

CALL Scotland's services can be accessed by phone, e-mail or on their website. The child or young person can also get referred through their school for support or a assessment. The organisation is based in Edinburgh, Scotland and is part of Edinburgh University's Moray House of Education. CALL Scotland gets funds from the Scottish Government for different parts of the organisation, assessments and support of individual people in schools are funded by local authorities.

The organisation has over 1,800 special adapted equipment including switches, mounts, accessible toys. They also have laptops, iPads and eye gaze systems available for people who have been referred to CALL Scotland for an assessment. CALL Scotland’s quote is - “The Scottish Centre of Excellence in Assistive and Communication Technologies for Learners with Additional Support Needs”.

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