Pass IT On

This week Bernie explores what 'Pass IT On' do, who they help and how to access their services 

Pass IT On Computers is a charity that provides free computer systems to people who have got additional support needs and who find it very challenging to access a computer. Computer systems that are no longer in use get donated and the staff members at Pass IT On, can adapt and customise the equipment to suit the needs of individuals who require an adapted computer. Computers are now used for different tasks every day, by thousands of people around the world. Pass IT On strongly believes that everyone should get the opportunity to access a computer and the internet, no matter what adaptations are required for them.

There is a process that everyone who requires an adapted computer, has to go through before a computer is given to them. This is to make sure that the right equipment is best suited to the individual and for them to get the best out of the technology. People of any age, who have additional support needs can register with the charity and then the process can begin. They are a number of steps that have to be carried out which includes eligibility form that is required from a health professional, to confirm that the individual finds it difficult to access a computer. Pass IT On then talk to the individual to find out what they want to use their computer for and what equipment that they have on offer that would make it easier for them to use a computer. Once this is done and all the information is gathered, Pass It On refurbish donated computers, make any required adaptations and install relevant software. After this, the computer is ready to get delivered by Pass IT On staff, they will install the computer into your home and set up your internet connection.

Pass IT On is based in Edinburgh and you need to live in Edinburgh and the Lothians in order to apply for a computer from this charity. If you are interested in finding more about the organisation or want to register with Pass IT On, check out the following website. There is no charge for the adapted computers, the people who have received a computer say that it makes a big difference to their life as having a computer give them confidence and independence. Adapted computers for people who have additional support needs allows them to manage their banking, connect with family and friends, use it to help them write letters and much more. It is a really helpful piece of technology to have.

Each computer is especially built with adapted equipment such as joystick and rollerball mouse’s, large keys keyboards, switches and specialised software which all makes it easier for people with disabilities to reach their full potential and use a computer. “Reusing computers, to change lives” and this is what Pass IT On computers does every day.