Cerebral Palsy

Preparing for high school

“Rachel was very clear about the goal of her therapy – she wanted to be able to dance.”

Rachel’s mum Sharon shares their family journey, and the preparations they are making to get ready for high school.

“Rachel and her twin sister Louise were born 12 weeks early. We were told Rachel had cerebral palsy when she was eight months old. It affects how she walks, and means Rachel uses a frame or chair to get around.

Rachel - story photo

When she was two her physiotherapist, a lady so amazing we call her ‘Saint Donna’, referred us to Bobath where she’s been going ever since for regular therapy.

Rachel is going to high school soon and very much looking forward to it. She wants to go to the local mainstream school with her friends, so we did a placement request. She’s a bright kid and having weighed up the options we believe it’s the best place for her. Adaptions will need to be made as it’s a bigger school and there will be a lot more moving around. But she’s becoming very confident and independent and now wants to go off to shops in the shopping centre on her power scooter without us.

She has support workers at primary and uses a laptop and ipad. But her Occupational Therapist is looking at what she might need at high school as there will be more background noise and that might not work if she is speaking into a computer.

Rachel's goal was to be able to stand up and dance. Therapy helped her work on her balance and standing against the wall to support herself. She’s a lot more flexible than I would have known.”

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