Cerebral Palsy

Christmas get together for adults with cerebral palsy - review

by Jill Clark, Bobath Scotland Communication Assistant

The Cerebral Palsy Scotland group had a Christmas get together for adults with cerebral palsy on Monday 10 December at Bobath Scotland with a nice turn out.


At first we went around everybody to introduce ourselves and then we have our first speaker, Andy Tomlinson. Andy has CP and was telling us about being a "part-time adventurer", the travels that he has been on and the challenges that he had while he was away. On his first trip to China, Andy ended up sitting in a bus a lot because the group organisers didn’t understand his ability. But he learnt a lot on that trip about properly planning your travelling, and now has been on other great holidays with better groups. He has even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, which was was great to hear. He told us that, with the right planning and support in place, anyone can be an adventurer, and I think he gave some people a few ideas for the future. 

After we heard from Andy we had the other speaker of the day, Marion Burns. Marion told the group about her experiences of cerebral palsy, from how she got cerebral palsy to how she is finding it hard to get paid employment, and that got everyone talking. Some people were saying they don’t know where to go to get a job, but other people were saying they have a job and sharing information, which was nice to see. The other thing which Marion was telling the group about was a sponsored walk which she is helping to organise in March for Bobath Scotland, so keep a eye out for information on that in the New Year.

After we had our two great speakers we had lunch where everyone brought some nice food and then we did a quiz. We had three rounds - a cerebral palsy round, a Christmas round and a general knowledge round - it was a good way to give everyone to mix with each other! 

Over all it was a good day because it gave people the chance to come together and share experiences and information, to come and meet new friends and just come to  have fun with other adults with cerebral palsy. 

If you are interested in coming to any future get togethers, please join our FaceBook group (Cerebral Palsy Scotland for adults) or email jill.clark@bobath.scot