Cerebral Palsy

Marion's Guide to the Cerebral Palsy Conference & Exhibition - Programme

Marion has a look at the programme and tells us more about why she's looking forward to the conference

I have been attending the Cerebral palsy Conference for many years. I am quite excited about this year conference as it is looking bigger and better than before. I’m most looking forward to the group discussions, I’m always fascinated in hearing other people’s experiences.  I also enjoy walking round all the stalls and meeting people.  Last year I was surprised to see a familiar face helping at one of the stalls.  I met an old speech therapist who helped me since I was age 3, it was lovely to catch up with her after so many years. . It is great to see so many different companies will be at the conference. There is so much information to learn about at each one.

I have had a look at the programme for the day and the work shops sessions look very interesting.  The ones I’m most looking forward to are: 

Elizabeth Fleming: "Speaking of the unspoken: Living with mental health problems and CP"

I would like to hear about other people’s challenges on living with mental health and CP and if or how they can overcome the problems they face.

Kim Hartley Kean and Jill Clark, "Your Right to Communicate – a look at how the AAC law in Scotland is working out"

 As a communication user myself obviously this session cannot be missed!!  I would like to find out how other people are coping with their communication aids and how the law change has helped. 

Kirsty Colquhoun and Elaine Boyd, "Living with CP: the importance of goal-setting"

I have set many goals over my years and have achieved many.  Sometimes we can loose track on what is important and forget to set goals.  I’m hoping by listening to this session it can help me realise the importance to keep doing this. 


At the end of the day we all come together and have a Panel Discussion Session Hosted by Louise White.  This is a great opportunity to find out what we have learned over the day and I find this very interesting to hear everyone’s views. 

Can’t wait till the 4th of October!  Hope to meet some of you there.