Cerebral Palsy

Thoughts on the Cerebral Palsy Scotland Conference 2019

Jill Clark attended the Cerebral Palsy Scotland Conference earlier this month. Here are her thoughts on the day.

I attended the 2019 Cerebral Palsy Scotland Conference on 3 October. It was a great day from a work side and a personal side also.

I really enjoyed going around the exhibitions - my three favourite exhibitors were PAMIS, Chunc and Liberator.

I liked talking to the people from PAMIS because they do the Changing Places campaign, and so do I, so it was great to talk to them about that. I get my AAC devices from Liberator so I was very pleased to see them. I know the man from Liberator very well and he was telling me about the new device which is coming out next year. This is very exciting for me as I am due to get a new device next year. As I was going around the exhibitions I saw the coolest wheelchair at the Chunc exhibition and got talking to the people there. I had my first Chunc wheelchair assessment this week and I'm getting another assessment soon and then hoping to get a cool wheelchair!

I went to four speakers throughout the day. The first speaker was the opening talk from Joy Nisbet. This was good to hear what Bobath has been doing over the year to support mental health. The second speaker that I went to was Ross Milvenan, from Digby Brown Solicitors who spoke about avoiding discrimination in employment. I chose this speaker because I have a interest in disabled peoples' rights especially around about employment so it was very interesting.

The third speaker that I went to was from Bobath Wales. I went there because I was very interested to find out more about what Bobath Wales do too. And for the last speaker of the day I went to see Robert Softley Gale from Birds of Paradise Theatre Company who was telling us about what they have been doing around making more awareness of cerebral palsy. This was very good and funny - it was a good end to the day.

Over all I really enjoyed the conference from a work side - I am very proud to be working for Bobath who organise these conferences for the cerebral palsy network in Scotland. And also from a personal side, seeing what is out there for me terms of equipment or opportunities for myself as someone who has cerebral palsy.

You can learn more about the conference and access presentations from the day here.