Cerebral Palsy

Top Christmas Activities & Events

In this blog post, Bernie Hunter shares some of her top tips for accessible Christmas activities and events.

Glasgow at Christmas


The pantomime season is back! Everyone thinks that pantomimes are just for kids but the shows are for adults too, it can be a good laugh and somewhere festive to go with your family & friends. All theatres are wheelchair accessible and some selected theatres have access requirements e.g. sign language interpreter etc. Check out this website for all the details. I would advise you to book your tickets in advance as there is limited wheelchair spaces, in all theatres.  


Christmas Shopping 

Christmas is the time of year that the shops are always really busy, no matter what time of day that you go. Shopping can be quite a challenge for people who use alternative ways of mobility e.g. wheelchairs or walkers. The big shopping centres such as Breahead are usually more accessible rather than in Glasgow’s city centre, there is a bit more space to move around without people accidentally bumping into you. It is also better if you prepare a shopping list before you go out even if it is only ideas, this can make a difference. Happy Christmas Shopping! 


Days & Nights Out

Christmas Markets- Christmas markets are good to visit for a treat, warm drinks and tasty food. There are a range of festive gifts, Christmas markets get you in the mood for the festive season! Check out this website for all the details.

Pre Christmas Night- Everyone is so busy at this time of year so there might not be a chance to see all of your family and friends, at the one time. It is sometimes easier to meet up with people either before or after Christmas. Pubs and restaurants are the most suitable for a meeting place, these places may still be really busy so you would be best to plan ahead.