Cerebral Palsy

Happy Birthday Cerebral Palsy Scotland Facebook Friends

A year ago today the Cerebral Palsy Scotland Facebook Group began

A year ago on the 25th of July 2017 we started up this Facebook group to start building a support network for adults with cerebral palsy.

In the past year the group   has grown with over 100  members  including some adults with cerebral palsy,  parents and people who work with  people with cerebral palsy. The group is mainly for adults with cerebral palsy to share different experiences, get a lot of a lot of information about things and just be in touch with other people. Over the last year all of these things happened  within the group which it is great to see.

As it is a face book group a lot of people wanted to meet  up to see each other in person so we have had two get togethers at Bobath.  One in December 2017 (our Christmas get together) and the other one was in June 2018. Both events were a great  success, it was lovely to see everyone coming together and meeting new people.  For a few people who came along it was the first time that they had mixed with other  people who have cerebral palsy.  A lot of people got a lot out of coming to the get togethers

I am really glad that we started up a  group because  I know that there a lot of people with cerebral palsy  out there who didn’t have that network of support and didn’t know other people who has cerebral palsy too. I  hope that the group will grow even bigger throughout the years and we will have a lot of more social events and make new friends.