Cerebral Palsy

The Cerebral Palsy Scotland website is changing


The Cerebral Palsy Scotland website is managed and maintained by Bobath Scotland. In April, Bobath Scotland will change name to Cerebral Palsy Scotland. We want to share with you the reasons behind this move.


Why change?

Cerebral Palsy Scotland logo

Changing our name is one part of much wider work to increase awareness of cerebral palsy and enable us to reach everyone affected by cerebral palsy across the country.

There is not enough support and services for families and individuals living with cerebral palsy. We hope our change of name will help us raise our game and close this gap so that every person with cerebral palsy can participate and achieve to the best of their ability – this is our key aim.

The name Cerebral Palsy Scotland is also more reflective of the charity today. Providing therapy using the Bobath concept is still the core of what we do, and our superb team of therapists will continue to offer individual therapy to children and adults and run our many therapist-led groups.

But we want to make it much clearer that we now do more, such as:

  • Providing online information about CP and the local support services that are available to people with CP
  • Creating opportunities for families, children and adults with CP to meet each other and to access learning, such as through our annual conference and social groups
  • Supporting families and individuals with their emotional wellbeing
  • Working for changes in policy that improve the lives of people with CP


What else will change?

As part of this project, we will be bringing all our online information into one website so that both current and new supporters will find it easier to get the information they need and understand the range of services we provide. Therefore, information from the current Cerebral Palsy Scotland website and the current Bobath Scotland website will come together in one new website, which will go live on 1 April.

We will be clearer and more consistent when we communicate, including how we describe who we are and what we do, the language we use, and the way we look. You can see a preview of our logo here. A strong identity will help us build support and allow us to have a bigger impact.

More support for people with CP and their families

Eighty five percent of what we spend as a charity comes from our own fundraising efforts. All these changes will help us to raise funds - and hopefully secure additional funding - to provide support and information for people with CP.

We are proud of our services and we want more people to benefit from them and build their skills, knowledge, and confidence. These changes will help to ensure we can have the greatest impact and continue to support as many people living with CP as we can across Scotland.


Who is helping us with this?

We are pleased to be working with Passion4Social, a social enterprise, on this project. They actively increase employment opportunities for disabled people and share many of our values.


Any comments?

If you have any comments on our change of name, please contact Anna Hunter, Communications Manager: anna.hunter@bobath.scot