Cerebral Palsy


Play is essential to development. Children need play to learn about and make sense of the world. It’s how they learn to express feelings, take turns, express emotions. Your physiotherapist or occupational therapist can help you find ways to adapt play to your child’s needs and abilities.

“Big Mac recorded books come with switches, you record the whole book and take turns saying a line each. A child can use a switch to hear the line if they are not able to communicate directly. Your Occupational Therapist can help you find adapted toys give your child the chance to show off what they can do.” Petra Mikeskova, Occupational Therapist

  • A child may like a toy but be unable to play with it. Think about what skills they’ll need to use a toy before you buy it. Consider borrowing more expensive toys from a toy library.
  • Don’t forget to give praise for trying new activities. Praise is a powerful motivator to keep trying your best.
  • Playdough can be useful for strengthening grip – it’s a great exercise for learning to do buttons!

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Melissa's Story

“It’s a battle to get her to do half an hour of physio, but she’ll do two hours of gymnastics.”

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