Cerebral Palsy

In the past two decades research has revealed that the nervous system is able to change and adapt. (Medically referred to as plasticity). The brain is most able to change up to the ages of two and a half. Which is why therapy is so important in the early years for children with cerebral palsy. Different types of therapy can help maximise a child’s abilities and prevent unhelpful patterns and habits from forming.

In this section you can find practical advice from our experts on daily care tasks, preparing to go to nursery and read the experiences of other families.

Types of therapy

Discover the different ways therapy can be beneficial.

Going to nursery

Get set for the fun of nursery.

Daily care

Practical advice for daily living tasks.

Behaviour problems

Advice for dealing with tiredness and frustration.

This information has been reproduced with kind permission of Cerebra.

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Jack's Story

"He is becoming a lot more aware of the fact he is different. It can be difficult to answer these questions but I just try to answer him honestly and explain that everyone is different in some way."

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