Cerebral Palsy

When children with a physical disability start school or move school, they have to contend with new environments and new people who don’t understand their condition, as well as the challenges of the curriculum. For parents it can be a very stressful time, and it’s important to know that everyone is focused on helping the child become a confident, successful learner. Planning is key for the challenges that may lie ahead.

In this section you can find practical advice from our experts on managing the transition to primary, secondary and university, and read what other families have done to prepare.

Types of therapy

Discover the different ways therapy can be beneficial.

Primary School

The move to ‘Big School’.

Secondary School

Getting set for a more physically demanding day.

Growth Spurts

How the muscles react as you get older.

Encouraging independence

Knowing when to leave them to it.

What's in your area?

Elaine's Story

“I was blessed with incredible parents. They found creative ways to help me become independent.”

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