Cerebral Palsy

Daily Living Aids


Disabled Living Foundation - Living Made Easy

Living made easy is an impartial advice and information website about daily living equipment and other aspects of independent living.

Firefly Friends

Firefly friends, designed by Leckey, is a range of products inspired by 'special needs family participation'. That simply means they are practical, fun products that help children with special needs take part in daily family life.

Email: enquiries@fireflyfriends.com


Leckey design and manufacture a variety of positioning equipment for children with special needs.

Email: Info@vidaglobal.co.uk

Sup Spoons

A spoon for shaky hands - a simple, yet clever invention.

The Helping Hand Company

The Helping Hand Company manufacture daily living aids, designed to make those everyday tasks a little easier.

Email: sales@helpinghand.co.uk