Cerebral Palsy

Support for carers

Who’s looking after you?

Being a parent is hard work and the learning curve is steep. Explosive nappies, making naughty spots work, not to mention the trials and tribulations of the playground. Throw in the additional challenges of cerebral palsy and there is even more to get to grips with. And yet, as a parent of a child with additional needs it’s not always easy to find the support you need.

Your energy and ability to cope physically and mentally with all the things you currently do can be tested to the limits, and will lessen as you yourself get older. Try to set some time aside for looking after your needs too so that you can stay fit and well. Find support groups in your area, where you can meet others with shared experiences, and get the inside track on people and organisations who can help.

When your child turns 18

It can be difficult navigating the world of adult services once a child turns 18. If you remain their primary caregiver, find adult services and support in your area. You may discover new resources that may not have been on your radar before as your son or daughter was too young to use them.

Elaine's Story

“I was blessed with incredible parents. They found creative ways to help me become independent.”

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