Cerebral Palsy

Get on your bike

New blogger Bernie Hunter gives us an insight into what it is like to cycle with Free Wheel North

Free Wheel North is a cycling charity that aims to get people of all ages and abilities to get cycling as much as they can. The charity welcomes people who have never got the opportunity to cycle before, this may be because they think that all bikes have two wheels and are nervous to learn to ride a bike in case they have a accident. This is not an issue at Free Wheel North as they have a wide range of different style of bikes - bikes with three or four wheels are available which are suitable for people with a disability.


The organisation is based in Glasgow Green, they have a cycle track beside the play park and the track is especially for people who are cycling with Free Wheel North. People are only allowed on the track using their own bikes after the charity closes so this means that they are not too many bikes on the track at the same time. It is open on weekdays 10am - 5pm, closed Saturdays and open Sundays 12 - 5pm. Outwith the opening times, Free Wheel North is open all year round, even throughout the winter months but closes at the earlier time of 3pm as it gets dark in the afternoons. People are welcome anytime without booking before coming but if there is a group coming, it is better to get in touch with the organisers to let them know in advance.


There is a charge £1 to use any of the bikes that are available and cycle on the track for a limited time, if it is busy. They are a selection of adapted bikes for people who have additional needs, the bikes are fitted with wider pedals with straps to give more support and wider saddles with straps. This makes people feel more secure and they can ride the bike without any concerns. Most of these are trikes so they have very good balance, and bikes are available for people who are in a wheelchair who are not able to use their legs, to ride a bike by themselves. These bikes are adapted so that people have the option of transferring into a seat which is attached to a bike and the support workers, can ride the bike for them.


This is an amazing activity to do and no one has to ever miss out on cycling, no matter what their needs are. Free Wheel North is a fantastic charity, the staff members are so helpful and they will do their best to get the bike that suits people best, it really is a great opportunity to get cycling!

Find out more at: http://www.freewheelnorth.org.uk/