Cerebral Palsy

Are you an allied health professional working with children aged 8 - 18 months with neurodevelopmental disabilities?

Bobath Wales is running this two day course on Mini AHA in September.

An adapted version of the Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA) has been developed for young children with unilateral cerebral palsy (CP) aged 8-18 months called the Mini-Assisting Hand Assessment (Mini- AHA). Like the AHA, the Mini-AHA involves a video-recorded play session using carefully selected toys that provoke bimanual hand use. Twenty object related actions of the affected hand are then scored on a 4-point rating scale.

The course teaches the reliable use of the Mini-Assisting Hand version 1.3, in two steps: The first step involves a two-day workshop where participants will learn about the constructs underlying the Mini-AHA, test procedures including the new play session and test items, and will practice test scoring. A Mini-AHA manual with detailed scoring criteria and a computer based scoring form will be provided. Following the course, the participants will be able to create their own test kit according to instructions given during the course. Feedback on the selected toys will be provided during the certification procedure.

This two day course is ideally aimed at experienced allied health professionals working with children with neurodevelopmental disabilities – including Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists within clinical practice or research posts.  Other professions may be considered providing you have the experience of working with children with disabilities (please contact Bobath Wales to discuss if you are uncertain).  

A full description of the course is here

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