Cerebral Palsy

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We're just a week away from Scotland's Cerebral Palsy conference. Jill tells us what's she's looking forward to.

 I have been to last two conferences and it was very interesting.

I am looking forwards to this conference because I  like to hear different stories about people with cerebral palsy and seeing  all of different things which out there about people with cerebral palsy.

One of thing that I am  looking forwards to is going to  workshops on  adults  with cerebral palsy because I  feel like there isn’t  a lot of stuff out there for adults with cerebral palsy so the conference this year will have workshops on adults with cerebral palsy.

Another thing which it is good at conference and I am looking forwards to is meeting other  people who  has cerebral palsy too and hearing their stories.

Frist time I went to a cerebral palsy conference, I  went a talk by two women who has cerebral palsy themselves and  it was very interesting to hear other peoples stories which has cerebral palsy.  I can remember one of them was talking about how she campaigns for better health services in her area and the other one was talking about her experiences through life like having a family and it was good to hear their stories.

Having cerebral palsy sometimes it feels like it  is just  me who has cerebral palsy and been through things but  at conference I see a lot of people like myself and hear their stories and I feel that it isn’t just myself has cerebral palsy.

New Facilities - Pamiloo

I'm also delighted to let you know that Pamiloo mobile changing places will be providing facilities. They will have a unit in the parking area to the front of the Hilton at the entrance.

If you are interested to hear from different  things from cerebral palsy why don’t you come along to the conference too?

You can sign up here: CONFERENCE REGISTRATION 

See you next week!