Cerebral Palsy

Make your voice heard - An event for adults with CP and carers

Are you an adult with cerebral palsy or a carer? would you like to get your views across on the services that you use?

The Alliance have been commissioned by Scottish Government to complement the mapping work of neurological services that is being undertaken by the National Advisory Committee for Neurological Conditions.

It is hoped that alongside the map of services, the ALLIANCE work will provide an understanding of the experiences of people with neurological conditions of accessing services. (EG It’s no good one health board saying they’ve got fantastic services if people living in that area don’t know how to or aren’t being able to access them).

We want to adults with cerebral palsy to be heard. There will be a focus group for adults with cerebral palsy or carers to the centre on the 23rd of January 2018 11.00am - 12.30pm. It's great opportunity to get your views across.

You can sign up up to the Facebook event below or email jill.clark@bobath.scot if you'd like to come along.

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