Cerebral Palsy

If ever you’re in any doubt about what can be achieved with the full force of your family behind you, then read these real life stories.

Cooper - thumbnail photo

Cooper age 3

Cooper is 3 and preparing to go to nursery. He’s learning to take his shoes off himself and get ready to play.

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Ciaran - thumbnail photo

Ciaran age 5

Ciaran was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He struggles with his speech, but thanks to a Novochat machine is getting ready for school.

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Jack Ryan thumbnail pic


Jack is one of twins. Thanks to his physio, OT and visual impairment support, he's enjoying primary school alongside his brother, Ryan.

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Dylan - thumbnail photo

Dylan age 6

Susan feels her family have had to fight to get help for their son Dylan, but as a result he’s doing better than anyone could ever have predicted.

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Melissa - thumbnail photo

Melissa age 10

Melissa’s Mum Jennifer explains why she thinks confidence is one of the greatest things to come out of her daughter’s therapy sessions.

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Rachel - thumbnail photo

Rachel age 11

Rachel wants to go to mainstream high school with her friends, her mum Sharon talks about the preparations they are making.

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Elaine - thumbnail and story photo


Elaine shares her life experience as a working mum with cerebral palsy.

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Kerry - thumbnail photo


Cooper’s Mum shares her advice on being a mum to twins, when only one child has cerebral palsy.

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