Being a parent is hard work and the learning curve is steep. Explosive nappies, making naughty spots work, not to mention the trials and tribulations of the playground. Throw in the additional challenges of cerebral palsy and there is even more to get to grips with. And yet, as a parent of a child with additional needs it’s not always easy to find the information you need.

In this section, you’ll find advice on finding emotional support, links to online forums where you can share experiences with other like-minded parents, as well as more detailed information on the financial and legal support available.

What's in your area?

Search for groups and activities in your area.

Emotional support

Advice from other parents and links to popular online forums.

Financial support

Are you making the most of the financial support available?

Legal support

Further advice for families who are living with the consequences of medical negligence.


Find out about activies & clubs, respite care, and accessible holiday destinations.

Practical Support

Find out about the types of healthcare and therapy available across Scotland.

Advice and Information

Charities offering support and information to anyone affected by CP in Scotland.

Advice for Health Professionals

Have a look at the courses on offer that could enhance your work with those who have cerebral palsy.

Useful Links

Further information and advice.

What's In Your Area?

Elaine's Story

“I was blessed with incredible parents. They found creative ways to help me become independent.”

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