Cerebral Palsy

Elaine's Story

“I was blessed with incredible parents. They found creative ways to help me become independent.”

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Melissa's Story

“It’s a battle to get her to do half an hour of physio, but she’ll do two hours of gymnastics.”

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Dylan's Story

“Dylan’s using parts of his brain that others might not use, he’s finding other ways.”

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Cooper's Story

“The therapists did things I hadn’t even thought about to get Cooper ready for nursery.”

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What's In Your Area?

Helping children with cerebral palsy become successful learners and confident individuals

Early Years

Find out who can help you make that first transition to nursery a success.

School Years

The low down on equipment, growth spurts and preparing for big school.

Greater Independence

Getting through the adolescent years successfully, ready for the next stage of life.

Adult Services

Regular therapy and activity can help you stay fit and well. Are you making the most out of what's out there?


Talk to other people who know what it’s like to live with cerebral palsy.


Useful gadgets and solutions that do all sorts of clever things.



Find out more about the many ways therapy and treatment can make life easier.

Blog Posted on 09/14/2018


Marion's Guide to the Cerebral Palsy Conference & Exhibition - Programme

Marion has a look at the programme and tells us more about why she's looking forward to the conference

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Blog Posted on 09/10/2018


Bernie's Guide to the Cerebral Palsy Conference & Exhibition - Exhibitors

Who is volunteer Bernie lookng forward to seeing at next month's event?

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Blog Posted on 08/07/2018

Meet Gavin Drysdale, CPISRA Athlete

Meet Gavin Drysdale, CPISRA Athlete

Gavin Drysdale is one of 18 athletes from Scotland competing in the CPISRA - Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association World Games in Sant Cugat. Bobath's Communications Assistant, Jill Clark, has asked him a few questions about his part in the competition.

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News Posted on 07/25/2018

Happy Birthday Cerebral Palsy Scotland Facebook Friends!

Happy Birthday Cerebral Palsy Scotland Facebook Friends!

A year ago today the Cerebral Palsy Scotland Facebook Group began

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Blog Posted on 07/15/2018


Bernie's top equipment and gadgets - computer equipment

In her final gadget review blog, Bernie Hunter provides a run-down on her top three pieces of computer equipment.

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Events Posted on 07/09/2018

Mini AHA Course

Mini AHA Course

Are you an allied health professional working with children aged 8 - 18 months with neurodevelopmental disabilities?

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