Cerebral Palsy

Advice for other parents of twins

Kerry is mum to two gorgeous boys called Cooper and Lewis who are three years old, and keep her very busy. Cooper has Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Palsy.

Kerry - Story photo

When the boys were babies we didn’t really notice, but there comes a point when the differences become obvious. Ours was at 16 months old when Lucas was walking and Cooper was still lying on the ground. I found that really upsetting because I was comparing them. I know it’s difficult to do, but you have to try not to compare them and just focus on how brilliant they are together.

It is easier as they get older, you begin to see more and more of their personality emerging. Cooper is the one who loves being funny, he loves singing, loves stories and loves swimming. They are just different boys, like any other brothers.

Jack's Story

"He is becoming a lot more aware of the fact he is different. It can be difficult to answer these questions but I just try to answer him honestly and explain that everyone is different in some way."

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